Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game

This active runaround fun game uses pictures, words, riddles and role play clues to lay a treasure trail.


Players collect the clues and fix them to the map as they go, at the same time collecting the Gotrovo gold coins in the swag bag.

The game ends when the players solve the final clue which leads them to the golden treasure bar. (There's room inside the gold bar to add a treat too as an extra prize.)


Solve the clues, follow the trail, find the hidden treasure!

Real active play, great gift, birthday present idea, or children's party entertainment, indoor or outdoor fun!

Mealtime Treasure Hunt Set

Mealtime treasure hunt is a perfect dinner set and tool for encouraging  healthy eating and good table behaviour.

Our children absolutely LOVE  the custom designed treasure-themed cutlery, and their excitement about using it still hasn't diminished!

Mealtime Treasure Hunt, dinner set, treasure map placemat, treasure cutlery, spade spoon, plate, cup, dinner set gift, reward good mealtime behaviour

Make mealtimes more peaceful and packed full of goodness  by engaging children and rewarding  positive behaviour as they eat! Read the thoughts of our nutritional therapist.


Treasure every mealtime!

Engage children and reward them for positive, healthy mealtime behaviours with a Treasure Hunt!

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game for Children:

The best way to have fun with one child or the whole family, no matter their ages. 


Different roles suit different skills, everyone gets to join in, so no more arguments!  For young and old alike, Gotrovo treasure hunts provide the sort of fun that memories are made of! Just click to read the reviews from some of our happy customers.


Watch our Gotrovo treasure hunt video:

Mealtime Treasure Hunt:

Created by Mums, inspired by children, the Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt Dinner Set  is designed to take away the stress of meal times and provide opportunities to build healthy eating habits, providing fun that rewards positive healthy mealtime behaviour! Developed with input from a Nutritional Therapist, Mealtime Treasure Hunt provides a perfect tool to encourage healthy eating and good mealtime behaviour in a positive and easy way.

Mealtime Treasure Hunt provides parents and children with a healthy happy distraction from mealtime stress.



Watch our Mealtime Treasure Hunt video: 

Reviews for Gotrovo Treasure Hunt

Absolutely loved it… perfectly pitched


"We used Gotrovo at my daughter’s third birthday party and absolutely loved it… It was perfectly pitched to keep all the children entertained… As a teacher… I have also found this game fantastic for my phonics sessions. It has created great enthusiasm for reading and working together as a team.”

Sarah Jones Mother and teacher in an Ofsted-rated “Outstanding” teaching academy



One night we played it four times!!

 “I am totally delighted with Gotrovo… One night we played it 4 times! I also use Gotrovo in my parties. It is now one of the most popular elements… Each time it’s different, and each time it’s worked really well. Thoroughly recommend Gotrovo to EVERYONE!"
Nicky Rayfield Mother and Party Organiser for Nicky's Fancy Faces


Quick and easy to set up

“This game did not require any planning, was quick to set up and very adaptable to the individual needs of the children… (It) provides the opportunity to work on a wide range of speech and language targets in a fun and, most importantly, easy way.”

Lesley Foley Specialist Speech and Language Therapist


Birthday Party

“We played Gotrovo at my 4 year old’s birthday party. The game… kept all of the children entertained for far longer than the usual party games."
Sally Quinlan Mother and Chartered Account 


Play with grandchildren

“Great game to play with my grandchildren. Uses their imagination, helps reading skills, provides exercise and good fun to do together."
Rosemary Boulter Tired Grandparent of four super grandsons


Making Learning Fun!

“Gotrovo is designed to stimulate the development of important language skills. The ability to recognise things and to be able to name them, is a crucial part of early language development… Games such as this can make learning fun.”

Daphne Flavell Special Needs Teacher


Definitely recommended


“The Pre School children that I work with loved the idea of a treasure hunt. I found it very easy and quick to set up… I was able to adapt it to both inside and outside and it linked to the seven stages of the EYFS. I would definitely recommend this product to both parents and nurseries.”

Emma-Louise Brown-Andrews Senior Room Manager, Pre-School, National Nursery Chain

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