Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game- Perfect for Parties!

Award winning children's party game family favourite award best party game

Solve the clues, follow the trail... find the hidden treasure! 


Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game is a complete game, no need for DIY clue making (I mean super Mums can do it, but we're not all super Mums all the time, are we?)  ready for you  to lay the trail so the children can hunt for the treasure!


Gotrovo is the treasure hunt game that gets children moving and expands their imagination.  Designed by Mums, it's a perfect party game, mess free, and provides an easy party theme too!  


This active runaround fun game uses pictures, words, riddles and role play clues to lay a treasure trail.

Players collect the clues and fix them to the map as they go, at the same time collecting the Gotrovo gold coins in the swag bag.   Each clue leads you one step closer to the treasure!


All you do is set the clues and hide the treasure - this can be done in less than 10 minutes.


Depending on how hard you make it, the treasure hunt can be a short or longer game, which makes it easy to fit into your party schedule for a stress-free event.


The treasure hunters  can all work together or they can be split into teams to follow the clues to find the treasure (best with Gotrovo Party Pack).  


Gotrovo Treasure hunt is suitable for children aged 3-8 years old, but the beauty of this game is that children over 8 will love creating clues, writing riddles and laying trails for the younger ones it's brilliant for parties when not all children are exactly the same age.


This is a party game the children will be talking about and begging to play again and again.



Gotrovo Original Treasure Hunt Game

A complete Treasure Hunt Game, ready made reusable clues, gold coins to gather in the swag bag, a Pirate's treasure map to collect the clues on and a shiny golden bar to hide the treasure.

A great party game, which can be played inside or outside, so no matter what the weather does, it can't spoil your party.


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Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Party Pack

Gotrovo Party pack includes the Original Treasure Hunt Game, and the party pack add on. 


This option means you can enjoy playing Gotrovo with two teams competing to see who can find the treasure first!


Fantastic fun and a great solution for lively, healthy boys and girls birthday parties. 


Who will discover the hidden treasure first? 

Party Bags- Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Mini

Want to get rid of the hassle of making up your own party bags? 


Gotrovo mini is a complete party bag which provides each of the children their own take home treasure hunt game to play at home again and again, a great alternative to the same old plastic party bag throw away toys!


Order in Multi buys of 5 or 8, or as a single mini Gotrovo treasure hunt game, perfect for bringing to a party as a gift.



What people say about Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Party Game

Quick and easy to set up

“This game did not require any planning, was quick to set up and very adaptable to the individual needs of the children… (It) provides the opportunity to work on a wide range of speech and language targets in a fun and, most importantly, easy way.”

Lesley Foley Specialist Speech and Language Therapist


Absolutely loved it… perfectly pitched

"We used Gotrovo at my daughter’s third birthday party and absolutely loved it… It was perfectly pitched to keep all the children entertained… As a teacher… I have also found this game fantastic for my phonics sessions. It has created great enthusiasm for reading and working together as a team.”

Sarah Jones Mother and teacher in an Ofsted-rated “Outstanding” teaching academy


Birthday Party

“We played Gotrovo at my 4 year old’s birthday party. The game… kept all of the children entertained for far longer than the usual party games."
Sally Quinlan Mother and Chartered Account 


One night we played it four times!!

 “I am totally delighted with Gotrovo… One night we played it 4 times! I also use Gotrovo in my parties. It is now one of the most popular elements… Each time it’s different, and each time it’s worked really well. Thoroughly recommend Gotrovo to EVERYONE!"
Nicky Rayfield Mother and Party Organiser for Nicky's Fancy Faces


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