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Reviews of Gotrovo Original Treasure Hunt Game:

John Helyar-California, USA:    

Had a great experience with this seller. Everything arrived exactly as described. And quicker than I expected too!


 Lisa Lamoureux-Massachusetts, USA: 

The game is top rate. It is of very nice quality and it is apparent that the makers paid attention to detail. This is exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait to use it with my students. This is money well spent.


Bernice Ball-Yeovil, Somerset: 

Very pleased with prompt delivery. Quality of the games is excellent. The map is made from flexible plastic and tends to roll up when in use but otherwise fine.


David Sykes-Rayleigh, Essex:  

Brilliant!! Suits children from 3 upwards


Miss L Mathers-UK:  

An amazing gift. My four year old nephew couldn't wait to play this game with his friends. Some wonderful videos on YouTube to help make it more exciting and creative too.



My son received this game for Christmas and it has been a huge hit! He has just started reception and loves the fact that he can set his own treasure hunt (without having to read and write clues). It kept him and his cousins amused for an entire afternoon (with minimal adult direction required) which is pretty much the holy grail of kids toys!


Granny of 2-USA:  

What a great low tech product! My Granddaughter loves this treasure hunt game. She has just as much fun being the treasure hunter as she does laying the trail. I would recommend this fun game to anyone who has younger kids and who is looking for a game, kids can play both indoors and out.


Michelle - Mum of 2-New Orleans, USA:  

This game was recommended to us by a friend and it is fantastic! My kids are 6 and 9 and have really enjoyed playing it! It includes cards that have clues for indoor or outdoor treasure hunts, and has picture clues for younger kids. They loved having the treasure map and searching the house for the clues. I really like that it is easy to set up too! The gold bar box that you hide at the end can fit candy or a surprise inside in case you want to add an extra treat. Can't wait to try an outside hunt next!


Self Employed Mother of Two Boys-Hampshire:  

We bought this set for our 5 year olds Christmas present this year and we have all loved playing it around the house on wet days and can not wait to go outside and adventure further with this very simple yet multipurpose game. Well done to the imaginative Mums who came up with a great fun game which I am now buying for everyone!!


Vinnie the driver-UK:  

Brought this game for my grandchildren after meeting the brains behind it, and the resulting fun that they have had with it is amazing. I've never seen the four of them have so much fun indoors before., they can't wait to play an outdoor treasure hunt ( as soon as the weather permits). I would recommend this to anyone


Reviews for Gotrovo Mini Treasure Hunt



This game is great fun. My grandson loved it at Christmas and asked for a treasure hunt every day!


Annonymous Customer-UK:  

Really pleased with my purchase, the riddles and pictures cards are fun and my 6 year old and 3 year old both played together nicely as I laid out both the riddle and picture clues so they both had something to "solve". The bag is made of plastic and looks pretty strong so think I will be able to take it round to friends or grandparents house's to keep the kids quiet! Will definitely be looking at the bigger version for them for Christmas and think this would be good to give as a stocking filler for my god children too.



 Fabulous present idea! I have previously purchased the bigger GOTROVO game for my daughter and my niece but thought these mini games would be ideal for emergency Christmas presents - how right I was. The recipients, a girl of 3 and a boy of 6, were really excited - the game was an instant hit and both sets of parents commented on how nice it was to receive something out of the ordinary! The game is really easy to understand even for younger children and great for keeping them busy on a rainy afternoon. Well packaged in it's own little bag it is easily transportable and can be popped into the car for adventures outside or visits to grandparents. Will be keeping a few of the mini GOTROVO games in reserve for birthday presents in the coming year!!


Obsessive Traveller:   

 Fabulous addition to the game! My daughter loves Gotrovo and plays it all the time, the Mini is a great little bag of fun to be able to pop round to her grandparents or to a friends house. I love it - more importantly so does my daughter - and will be giving it as pressies this Christmas too.


Pen Name:   

Excellent game with educational benefits! My daughter absolutely loves this mini treasure hunt game. There are so many possibilities and as well as an entertaining and fun game, I have found it to be educational on my daughters journey of learning to read! Would definitely recommend this product!



Great little set. This treasure hunt kept three four year olds entertained for two hours with some additional activities thrown in. The different levels of clues in the set means their older brothers can join in too and be challenged a bit more. An excellent product for the price and one I'm sure will be used over and over again.


Reviews of Gotrovo Mini Treasure Hunt, Multibuy 5:


Karina Michalak-Leicestershire   

I bought these as birthday present for my sons school friends so not used it myself. It is well made and presented and seems like perfect little gift. I bought it for my son to play in the summer holidays too!


L J Wedge-UK     

Had lots of fun in the garden with these over the summer - for ages from 3 to 9 and groups of 1 to 10 children! So easy to set up. Great.


 Annonymous Customer-UK   

Really pleased with my purchase, the riddles and pictures cards are fun and my 6 year old and 3 year old both played together nicely as I laid out both the riddle and picture clues so they both had something to "solve". The bag is made of plastic and looks pretty strong so think I will be able to take it round to friends or grandparents house's to keep the kids quiet! Will definitely be looking at the bigger version for them for Christmas and think these would be good to give as a stocking fillers for my god children too.


Review for Gotrovo Mini Treasure Hunt Multipack 8:


Chris Champion-Newport Pagnell, Bucks:   

My kids both love playing Gotrovo and we gave these instead of goodie bags at my Son's Birthday party, worked out to be the same price as if we had given them a bag full of plastic tat and they actually got a great gift they can use again and again. Have just ordered the expansion pack too as we really like all of the products in this range.


Reviews for Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Clue Card Expansion Pack:



 My six year old had great fun solving the riddles and finding the next clue card. She solved most of the riddles herself with just a few prompts from me. I think it's great that you can set up as many/few cards as you wish, to alter the length of game to suit you. I was quite impressed that my daughter was actually reading the clue cards without the usual 'groans' when any other type of 'reading' is suggested!


Pips Mum-UK:   

 Found this while I was purchasing the Treasure Hunt game by the same company. The clues in it are different to the other version and are hard enough to be interesting, but solvable, for my 6 year old. The cards look like they will stand up to a good amount of play and I am really looking forward to being able to lay out the Christmas clues and the Easter ones too :-)


Reviews for Gotrovo Treasure Hunt plus Clue Card Expansion Pack:




 This is a great game! I bought it with my 6 year old in mind, but my 10 year old enjoys it too. It arrived this past weekend, and my son (6) was clamoring to play it right away. It took maybe 10-15 minutes to prepare. There are 100 clue cards and you have to stick these little velcro dots to each card. Then you pick your clues and set up the trail.

Depending on the age of the kids, they can go off on their own. Littler kids will need help, of course. There is a great mix of clues - some pictures, some simple words, and some riddles. I used a mix - riddles so that my daughter (10) could read and figure out some, and pictures so that my son could lead the way sometimes.

The riddles are cute and clever - and neither too easy nor too hard. I tried to set the clues as far apart as possible - upstairs & downstairs, so the game would take a little longer and they'd have to search harder for the clues. It was a really good time. At the end, they found the treasure - a "gold bar" - which is really a shiny little box which can be the prize all by itself, or it can hold a special treat.

My kids got little Nutella snacks the first time around. The game itself is really nice quality. The treasure map is a really nice thick plastic - like a placemat - with a different scene on either side. It comes rolled up like a scroll, but because it's so thick it was a little hard to keep it unrolled while playing. Instead of storing it in a box, I put it under some heavy items to flatten it out - I'll just have to remember where I stashed it! The cards are nice plastic-coated and water-resistant.

With 100 clues, the game can be played over and over without getting boring and the smaller expansion set is a nice touch. There are clues for outdoor and indoor hunts, and the cards are color coded so they are easy to identify. There is also a set of blank cards where you can draw or write your own clues.

The game comes with a set of 10 gold coins to collect at each clue point, and a little cloth bag to collect them in. And the best part (I think) is the "gold bar" box as the treasure at the end. Again, great quality. My son wanted to play again immediately. I think he will get a lot of mileage out of it. E

ven though my 10 year old is out of the suggested age range, she really enjoyed it too. She might not want to play over and over again like my son, but it's a good occasional toy for her. And I think she'll enjoy setting up the trail for her brother and his friends as well. This is a great game, and I actually plan on buying a couple to have on hand for gifts for younger kids.


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