Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Interactive Family Game

Solve the clues, follow the trail... find the hidden treasure!  Gotrovo is the 5-Star rated treasure hunt game that gets children moving and expands their imagination.



Want to create some of those magical childhood memories you cling to from year ago...bring some fun without the presence of technology into your kids' lives...have siblings and friends playing together, happily, whatever, their ages? Welcome to Gotrovo...the perfect action packed treasure hunt game for kids. 

Lay a trail for your intrepid treasure hunters to solve at home, school or in the garden. With picture, word, riddle and role-play clues, and blank cards to create your own clues, everyone can play together, whatever their age! Just follow the map to the golden treasure bar at the end (and don’t forget to collect the golden coins in your loot bag along the way!).


Gotrovo has strong educational qualities and links to EYFS/KS1 targets. But the kids will be having so much fun they won’t even notice they’re learning! They’ll just be begging to play again and again.

Now available in a bumper edition with a new expansion pack featuring Christmas and Easter-themed clues, you really can’t go wrong with the Gotrovo range!


Gotrovo contains all that you need to add a fun treasure hunt to your pirate themed party!


So come on...your treasure awaits, come seek, come find. Follow the clues, don't get left behind!



Each Gotrovo Original Treasure Hunt Game Includes:

  • 100 clue cards (including: picture word, riddle, and role-play clues, and blank cards to make up your own clues)
  • 1 golden treasure bar box with magnetic clasp
  • 10 shiny golden coins
  • 1 double sided map (2 designs)
  • 1 satin swag bag, adhesive dots to affix cards to the map as the trail is completed and a full instruction leaflet.
  • Complies with all US and EU toy safety standards


Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game, perfect for Pirate themed Birthday parties
Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game contents

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