Gotrovo plus Party Pack

Gotrovo and Gotrovo Party Pack add-on, bought together means you can enjoy playing Gotrovo with two teams competing to see who can find the treasure first!

Fantastic fun and a great solution for lively, healthy boys and girls birthday parties or just family play days with lots of kids who need to be kept our of mischief!


A great alternative to expensive children's party entertainers, lay your own clues and make the treasure a fun prize for all the children to enjoy!


We are proud to have won the My Family Magazine Best Party Game Award 2015


Note: If you are already a proud owner of Gotrovo and don't need the combined set, you can purchase the party pack as an add-on for under £10. Just click here and you'll be on your way to perfect party entertainment!



  • Available
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Existing Gotrovo owners can purchase party pack as an add-on if they already own the main Gotrovo game

The full party solution!

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Entertaining at parties has never been so easy with Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Party Pack!


To complete the Treasure Hunt Theme Party, why not treat your guests to a party bag with a difference?   Our Mini Gotrovo party bag can be used by your guests again and again, much better than the usual plastic fantastic party gifts that quickly find their way to the recycling bin!

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months
  • Warning: To be used under the direct supervision of an adult

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