Gotrovo Mini Treasure Hunt Game

Gotrovo Mini is the travel or 'lite' version of Gotrovo Original. Throw it in your bag when visiting friends and family or pop it in your suitcase when heading off on holiday - keep the kids entertained in your tent/caravan, villa or mansion (you can dream right?). Use it as unique party bag gift to thank your guests for celebrating with you. They will get the chance to use it again and again unlike most party bag content which is eaten or in the bin in 24 hours!


Gotrovo mini contains: The same 100 clue cards plus 12 winners stickers with two beautiful individual designs, blank cards to make up your own clues, and a full instruction leaflet with lots of ideas on how to vary the game and create treasure hunts for excited children again and again! 


The game is suitable for one or more players from ages 3 to 8 and can be used for indoor or outdoor fun.


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  • Ships within 1-3 days
  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months
  • Warning: To be used under the direct supervision of an adult

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Reviews for Gotrovo Mini Treasure Hunt

treasure hunt game kit, indoor outdoor active fun, family activity, scavenger hunt, easter egg hunt, healthy screen free activity



This game is great fun. My grandson loved it at Christmas and asked for a treasure hunt every day!


Annonymous Customer-UK:  

Really pleased with my purchase, the riddles and pictures cards are fun and my 6 year old and 3 year old both played together nicely as I laid out both the riddle and picture clues so they both had something to "solve". The bag is made of plastic and looks pretty strong so think I will be able to take it round to friends or grandparents house's to keep the kids quiet! Will definitely be looking at the bigger version for them for Christmas and think this would be good to give as a stocking filler for my god children too.



 Fabulous present idea! I have previously purchased the bigger GOTROVO game for my daughter and my niece but thought these mini games would be ideal for emergency Christmas presents - how right I was. The recipients, a girl of 3 and a boy of 6, were really excited - the game was an instant hit and both sets of parents commented on how nice it was to receive something out of the ordinary! The game is really easy to understand even for younger children and great for keeping them busy on a rainy afternoon. Well packaged in it's own little bag it is easily transportable and can be popped into the car for adventures outside or visits to grandparents. Will be keeping a few of the mini GOTROVO games in reserve for birthday presents in the coming year!!


treasure hunt game kit, indoor outdoor active fun, family activity, scavenger hunt, easter egg hunt, healthy screen free activity

Obsessive Traveller:   

 Fabulous addition to the game! My daughter loves Gotrovo and plays it all the time, the Mini is a great little bag of fun to be able to pop round to her grandparents or to a friends house. I love it - more importantly so does my daughter - and will be giving it as pressies this Christmas too.


Pen Name:   

Excellent game with educational benefits! My daughter absolutely loves this mini treasure hunt game. There are so many possibilities and as well as an entertaining and fun game, I have found it to be educational on my daughters journey of learning to read! Would definitely recommend this product!



Great little set. This treasure hunt kept three four year olds entertained for two hours with some additional activities thrown in. The different levels of clues in the set means their older brothers can join in too and be challenged a bit more. An excellent product for the price and one I'm sure will be used over and over again.



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