Multibuy: 2 Units - Perfect for Siblings, Play Dates, or keeping a set at Grandma's!

If you've got more than one little mouth to feed, or you'd like to have a spare set handy for play dates, to keep at Grannie's, or for when the other set is in the dishwasher ('s dishwasher safe!) then this is the option for you. And with a fantastic 15% off both units, you can treasure the savings as well as treasuring every mealtime!


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Multibuy: 3 Units

For larger families or those who know that visiting friends will want to join in the fun, this 3 unit multibuy option gives you a fantastic 18% saving across all 3 dinner sets. You could even buy two for home and one as a gift - who wouldn't love these fun designs and the fantastic treasure hunting cutlery?!


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  • Ships within 1-3 days

Multibuy: 4 Units

Why not club together with a friend and take advantage of even greater savings...22% off across 4 units? Or if you're planning a party, wedding or other celebration, what better way to keep kids entertained at the table than with a mealtime treasure will keep them engaged through long waits, and would make a most memorable and unique take-home gift.


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Note: this image shows prototype crockery only. Visit our gallery to see the final product imagery.



  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

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