FIVE STAR reviews on Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt!

Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt launched in late October 2016, so we don't have the benefit of many reviews to share with you just yet. But those that have tried it, love it, as the selection of five star reviews below show. We have also received fabulous write ups from the award-winning bloggers, TwinMumandDad and from blogger Evette at Or check out the thoughts and vlog from Katie at Mummy's Diary on using Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt to establish healthy eating habits for the New Year. Just click to read their views!


Also we have the comments of our product tester group, where we were very excited to find that 85%* of our market research respondents indicated they would buy Mealtime Treasure Hunt, and loved the idea of it as a gift! Their comments are presented for you at the foot of this page.


FIVE STAR reviews of Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt


Nicola, UK:

Purchased this for our very fussy four year old as meal times were a chore! Meal times are now calm, with new foods being tried daily. Every parent needs this in their life!! Thank you Gotrovo.


Emily-Northampton, UK:

This is such a great product! My 5 year old daughter is a fussy eater and this set really helped. Although she actually likes a wide range of foods, she finds sitting at the table too boring and would rather not eat if she can be doing something else! With this set, she was so excited each meal time to be able to move along the treasure map with each bite that in no time she was eating her food without any prompting from me and not asking to leave the table all the time! The set is very good quality, the cutlery in particular is fab. Highly recommend to anyone struggling to get their child to eat.


W. Corcoran, UK:

This was bought as a 4th Birthday present for my daughter, who finds meal times and eating a chore! This can mean we often consume a lot of time sitting at a table with her to persuade her to eat well, as otherwise she is hungry within half an hour of a meal finishing.
We have had a great success with using the treasure map and coin from the start - she relates to the treasure map well as she particularly loves mermaids and fairies (which both feature on the map). We use it to encourage her to eat a bit of everything on her plate, so after eating some vegetables, meat and potatoes she can move forward one place, this has not only improved the variety she is eating from the plate but also the speed at which meals are eaten, making family meal times a far more pleasant occasion rather than a battle ground. The map also gives a talking point to add some interest to a young child when sitting at a table.
The plate, bowl, cup and cutlery are a well made and loved along with the place mat. I have already recommended this to a number of friends facing similar issues with their children.


L. Dance, UK:

This is such a unique product. Yes it's a dinner set but also so much more! My 4 year old son is the fussiest eater in the world and it's great for incentivising him to eat but my 6 year old who is a great eater also loves using the set just for the game side. Really nicely made too! Super fun at mealtimes for all young ones. Highly recommended!


A. Humphreys, UK:

Purchased this in an attempt to try and improve the eating habits of my 3-year old girl. The use of reward charts is something that has worked well for us in other areas, and it is equally successful here.

The plate, bowl and cup are beautifully made (so much so that I'd actually consider buying them as a stand-alone set!) and both my children love the treasure-hunting themed cutlery and place mat. The extra advice leaflet from a nutritional therapist is a really nice addition, providing lots of useful tips and suggestions.

I'd highly recommend this to any parent who is looking for a fun, practical way to encourage their fussy eaters and/or improve their children's eating habits.


Sue, UK:

I bought this mealtime set recently to try and tackle my five year old son’s fussy eating habits.

As a toddler he would eat anything, but I’ve found that over the past year, since he started school, he’s being influenced by other children and it’s getting harder and harder to coax him to eat the vegetables on his plate.

He’s always loved reward charts, so I was hoping that using the treasure hut themed dinner set would help encourage him to try new vegetables - it does.

We use it for every dinner (if I don’t get it out he asks for it!), and it’s helped to make mealtimes more fun for both of us.


Z. Smith, UK:

Great item, makes meal times really fun and has helped and has encouraged my little one to try new foods, would recommend this product to anybody who has a little one who is a fussy eater.

Feedback from product tester group

Helping "fussy" or "distracted" eaters

Mealtime Treasure Hunt, dinner set, treasure map placemat, treasure cutlery, spade spoon, plate, cup, dinner set gift, reward good mealtime behaviour, healthy eating, overeating, childhood obesity


 "A helpful tool for picky eaters or for children who have trouble staying at the table throughout dinner because they are bored."


"Great idea! We always have to negotiate 'two more mouthfuls' and this would be a great motivator."


Creating healthy behaviours

Mealtime Treasure Hunt, dinner set, treasure map placemat, treasure cutlery, spade spoon, plate, cup, dinner set gift, reward good mealtime behaviour, healthy eating, overeating, childhood obesity


"Making meals more fun and encouraging eating less popular (but healthier) foods would be very helpful"


"Fantastic. A really good way to encourage kids to eat and try new healthy foods."


A fun and unusual gift idea

Mealtime Treasure Hunt, dinner set, treasure map placemat, treasure cutlery, spade spoon, plate, cup, dinner set gift, reward good mealtime behaviour, healthy eating, overeating, childhood obesity


"I would purchase it as a gift for a younger child."


"A novel and well received gift."


"I would buy it for a friends child if I knew they were struggling to get them to eat."


* Sample size: 37 respondents across UK and USA, 2015

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