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Welcome to the Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt. This enchanting dinner set and motivational game has been designed in consultation with a nutritional therapist as a tool to reinforce healthy eating practices by creating good mealtime and table behaviours in children. This is a fun and creative way to bring joy to the dinner table, and with magical designs featuring pirates, shipwrecks, pixies and fairies, and special treasure-hunting themed cutlery that every child will love, you will have children "digging" into healthy meals in no time! With a specially crafted reward system that relies on the best guidelines around healthy eating, and an advice leaflet from a nutritional therapist, there is simply nothing else like this on the market. 


Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt complies with US and EU safety standards.

Who's it for?

Mealtime Treasure Hunt, dinner set, treasure map placemat, treasure cutlery, spade spoon, plate, cup, dinner set gift, reward good mealtime behaviour, healthy eating, overeating, childhood obesity
While many families do not experience difficulties at children's mealtimes, there are others that can experience great frustration or tension because their child does not want to eat, or doesn't want to try healthy, balanced, nutritional meals, or because they won't behave as requested at the table. Other parents may have concerns about their children over eating and being too focused on treats.
While these may be the most common problems, there are many others. For example, parents might feel:



  • My child gets distracted and can't concentrate on their meal
  • My child has sensory or anxiety issues over foods, especially with new foods
  • My child will not stay at the table until the meal is over
  • My child has special needs and finds mealtimes/eating difficult 
  • My child wants to watch tv at the table, meaning family time and conversation is lost
  • We can't eat out in restaurants, or at celebrations, as my child won't behave through a long meal 
The Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt is designed to address these sorts of issues in a healthy, positive way that does not turn eating into an issue of 'control', or turn mealtimes into a battleground. It is supported by advice from a nutritional therapist, who also has considerable experience with special needs-related eating issues.
But the Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt isn't just designed for children who don't want to eat...it is an enchanting dinner set that brings joy to any child. With treasure hunting themed cutlery, dinner mats featuring pixies, fairies, pirates and ship wrecks, and a great, healthy reward system for good behaviour, who wouldn't enjoy using this set?!  See our picture gallery for the fabulous designs.


How does it work?

Mealtime Treasure Hunt, dinner set, treasure map placemat, treasure cutlery, spade spoon, plate, cup, dinner set gift, reward good mealtime behaviour, healthy eating, overeating, childhood obesity
The set features a ten step treasure trail snaking around two beautifully designed dinner mats. As children eat their meal, their move along the trail using a large golden coin, until they reach the end of the trail (when their meal finishes). At this point they are allowed to remove their plate and reveal one of ten reward cards at the end. The ten (reusable) reward cards include:
- Five reward stars which your child can collect thought the week, earning 'points' to put towards a bigger reward
- A 'choose your own reward' card (this gives the child extra motivation as they can influence the reward: we recommend ideas such as an extra story, playdate, or trip to the park or £store - whatever motivates your child in a healthy way) 
- A 'go hunt for your treasure' reward to find some treasure hidden for them - great to get them moving and to use in conjunction with our Gotrovo Treasure Hunt game
- Three reusable blank cards to enable you to create a reward suitable to your child
Children move forward around the trail in response to requested behaviour. You might allow them to move one step for every two mouthfuls eaten with their mouth closed; ask them to eat a bite of broccoli or fish to move forward a step;  request that they finish their chicken to move on two steps and so forth. The options are endless. There is a short cut for smaller meals if you want to serve them something light, or for use by younger children or those who have tried really hard but just can't manage any more. However you get to the end it's all about positive reinforcement and praise. It's not about finishing everything on their plate and definitely not about control...however you use the set, it should be a happy, rewarding, positive experience.
Follow our blog for more information and ideas on how to use the set, or watch our explanatory video.

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