To all of our customers, past, present, potential or future...

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....thank you  for taking the time to stop and visit our website, and to spend your valuable time considering our products.


As you have taken the time to browse, we wanted to reciprocate by taking the time to tell you what this means to us. Every business says that their customers are important to them. Of course they do...without you, our companies, big or small, wouldn't exist. But for small businesses especially, this statement really does encapsulate it all.

We created our Gotrovo range of products because we believe they can bring fun and real purpose to everyday life. Whether it's our treasure hunt game or our dinner set you're using, each holds the potential to nurture and teach your that to read, to work together, or to eat new healthy a positive, fun, and memorable way. Our products are inspired by our daily lives with our children (we have 7 of them between us!). They aren't mass manufactured, they aren't aimed at the big guns in the high street....they are aimed at you, our fellow parents, struggling with every day parenting challenges and priorities, wanting to do special things with your children and create magical memories, but not always able to see the route or the opportunity to do that. We know, we feel it too.

We do what we do because we believe we aren't alone in wanting to hold onto a traditional concept of family time (whatever shape or size your family comes in) that doesn't involve a screen. Sure, we watch tv, but remember the days when there was something more besides a screen to entertain us in our own childhoods? Well....we want some of that for our kids, and we believe you do too.

We created our dinner set because we believe we aren't the only ones to struggle to hold onto our tempers when we've actually managed to make that home cooked meal and no-one will eat it....and because in an age when healthy eating can be such a challenge, we know there are countless families just like ours who need to try a different approach, as battlegrounds over mealtimes help no one.

Time is always pressing upon us with the next agenda item, so we won't take up any more of yours now. Suffice to say you won't be seeing us on Dragon's Den any time soon, or entering mumpreneur awards. We aren't doing this to make a fortune (good job...!) or to win awards (though we are hugely grateful for those we are credited with). We are doing it to inspire you, and all of our collective children, yours and ours alike, that whatever the pressures of life, with the right tools we can still make magical memories together. And that is why you, are customers, really are everything to us.

Thank you.

Aley and Jo x

p.s. If you share our values and love our products, think about becoming a friend of a us at if you'd like to know more.

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