Who are we?

Jo and Aley Mums and creators of Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game for children to develop reading, speech, team play, problem solving and language skills as they play!

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt game was first sold in the UK in 2012 and is the brainchild of Created4kids Ltd.  Led by Aley and Jo, the Gotrovo team believe in the value of creative play for children, with a dash of adventure, learning, and big-kid involvement too!


We are enormously proud to say that with support from the Northampton Enterprise Partnership, Created4Kids are Enterprise Champions! Our flagship game, Gotrovo Treasure Hunt is the My Family Magazine Party Game favourite for 2015! And we have secured a large grant to help us bring a new product to market later this year!


Following the great success of our flagship Gotrovo game, we continue to look to the future with a wish to become 'all things treasure hunt'.  Meanwhile we remain full-time mothers to our seven children aged 8 and below!


What we are about

Driven by a belief in the long term benefits of inspiring, nurturing and educating our children, we create unique treasure-hunt themed products that have real value in everyday life.  With a range that is developed by mums, inspired by children, and designed to create many happy memories, our vision is to encourage traditional family fun in as many homes as possible. Gotrovo brings you quality time with your children in a world where this is our most precious commodity.

How did Gotrovo Treasure Hunt begin?

The journey began with a text, a brainstorming session and a desire to prove that we could be successful business women with a difference. Having worked together in banking, Jo and Aley both left after the birth of their third child, and had no longing to return.


They knew at some point they'd want a different challenge, but refused to give up any time with their children to do it, so they began their company with an ethos of family first, and braced themselves for a lot of late evenings, and snatched moments for calls to suppliers!


Four years on and Gotrovo is going strong, with new products in the pipeline and the ethos of the company still firmly in place.

Aley has four children and is the ideas person, responsible for the creative and strategic side of things, including product creation and development.


Before banking she qualified as a chartered accountant with Deloitte and studied at Oxford. Aley's background in financial services covers finance leadership, analytics, business performance management and corporate finance.


Jo is mummy to three energetic boys (including twins!) and is the detail guru, responsible for pretty much everything that makes the company run, from accounts, to suppliers, logistics and stock.

Before banking she qualified as an accountant at Unilever and studied at Plymouth. Jo's background is in financial analytics, and business management and pricing.



If you have any ideas, suggestions, or questions for Aley or Jo, (that's us!) please contact Gotrovo,

we love to hear your ideas, thoughts, and feedback. 

We're always open to new ideas and we are developing future products based on customer input and feedback!

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