When you're feeling low...try bouncing!

Feeling low? The blues can overtake us all sometimes.

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There's no point pretending, we all have low days. No matter what face we want to present in the playground, no matter how calm we wish to appear to the mothering public, there are days when it all just gets to you. And as we all know, the best part is that half the time we don't even know why. Hormones, maybe; an end to a holiday; things not going so well on the work or personal front; worry over the kids. Chances are it's a little bit of all of these, and this is where I found myself recently...utterly blue, and texting my husband to ask his opinion of me throwing in the towel on the business I'd worked so hard to create (albeit around the full-time care and increasingly hectic schedules of 4 little people!)


He's not one to shock easily, but suffice to say I think he was a little taken aback! Enough that he managed to start throwing positive ideas at me in a series of mid-meeting, or between-meeting, texts. It helped to know he was behind me, but I still felt I need something to break my mood, and to help me self-regulate when I am feeling down. I HATE that my mood can be governed by the success or otherwise of a day's trading, or by the issues that (inevitably) crop up as an everyday part of business. I want to enjoy my days with my little people, and not allow the goings-on of an Amazon trading account to be an influence on my life and general state of happiness...it's not like my sales figures actually CHANGE anything, other than my own sense of self-worth. Time, I think, to look at the big picture, and lighten up.  




Bouncing - a simple, healthy way to help lift your mood

fireworks night parties guy fawkes 5 november children kids scared safe ideas tips displays

And so I resorted to that too-little documented cure....the trampoline!


Whenever you google trampolines, all you see is 1) lots of ads if you want to buy one, accompanied by 2) lots of horror stories and risk assessments about how dangerous they are should you ever dare to buy one (I even read one risk assessment that said they should never be allowed in a back garden!).


Well, here's the thing....we have one in our back garden, and I love it. In the midst of my Armageddon scenarios, I got on the trampoline with my little boys, and we held hands, and we bounced. And just by doing that, I felt my heart quite literally lift, and a smile spread on my face. I couldn't help it. It was partly holding their little hands in mine so that we all bounced together, at the same time, safely (yes, risk-assessors, we managed it!); but it was also just that feeling of release, and the physical act of jumping up and down that every time brings a sense of happiness to me. 


And you don't even need a trampoline - we've been trying the same thing indoors, jumping up and down to the brilliant song 'You're welcome' from Mowana....and it works. It really does lift your mood, and raise that sense of jadedness.


This somewhat haphazard research his has led me to officially, if not-very-scientifically, conclude that bouncing is good for the soul. It lifts your spirit, it lifts your face into a smile, and it is an easy, every-day way to escape the sense of gloom that can too easily overcome us. And so I shall try to do it often.


But will you? Go on...try it, release you inner child and send us your crazy bouncing piccies! We'd love to see them!




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