Review of the Nutrifillit Reuseable Smoothie Pouch

Nutrifillit: the re-useable smoothie pouch

nutrifillit nutribullet making smoothies healthy eating 5 a day yumbox


We were thrilled when we were asked recently to review the Nutrifillit, the new-to-market smoothie pouch that is a fantastic complement to the much vaunted Nutribullet* 

We all know that smoothies are a fantastic way to cram your five (or ten!) a day into one simple, health boosting drink. But when you're out and about a lot with the kids, or in the office all day, they aren't always the easiest thing to take with you. They need to be properly preserved or they go from delicious to "off" rather too quickly. Making smoothies yourself is much more fun, and more cost effective, than buying them off the shelf, and has the advantage of getting the kids knowledgeable and involved in the preparation of them.  But how to you keep them fresh and available when you're constantly on the go...? That's where the Nutrifillit comes in.


*Nutrifillit is manufactured and retailed separately to Nutribullet.


nutrifillit nutribullet making smoothies healthy eating 5 a day yumbox

My set, a multipack of 6, arrived in simple neat packaging and a variety of colours. Something for everyone. What's more (and this made my mummy heart sing) they came with two spare lids to replace those we will inevitably lose! The design and concept is simple and clear....blend it, fill it, reuse it.




nutrifillit nutribullet making smoothies healthy eating 5 a day yumbox

Now I confess when I received the pack I had my doubts about how on earth I would 'fill it'. It looked like a messy krypton-factor type job. But that's where the clever design comes in. The bottom of the pouch opens up to let you fill it without spillage, and then seals with two strong grippers. And unlike almost every water bottle we own, it doesn't leak!

I even laid it down with the lid off to see what what spills. Hallelujah!

nutrifillit nutribullet making smoothies healthy eating 5 a day yumbox


The portion size contained within the nutrifillit is just right...300ml which represents an adult sized glass. I drank my smoothie over the course of a couple of hours, interspersed with the school run and playing cars. It didn't go off, and continued to taste fresh. What's more, there was no plastic taste (the pouches are BPA, PVC and phthalate free).

The sets store easily and neatly in even the most crowded cupboards, and important to anyone wanting to use this around children, or indeed give to children, is that the lids are large with holes around the edges, minimising choking risk.

nutrifillit nutribullet making smoothies healthy eating 5 a day yumbox


The Nutrifillit says it's freezer safe...I tried, and it is! I froze a pouch of water (still no leaks) and my daughter took it to school. She loves drinking really cold water, so for the first time since I can remember her water bottle/pouch came home empty. If this product can encourage my children to drink more, that has to be a big bonus in my book.

Nutrifillit is also approved for dishwasher use. It took a couple of attempts to get it to stand up in the dishwasher, but to be honest it is so quick and easy to clean in the sink I wouldn't even bother. But if that convenience factor matters to you, the option is there.


All in all, this really is a great little product...simple but entirely effective with a clever, attractive design. And in the days since I have been "blending, filling and reusing" I really do feel healthier...and instead of having to find the will power to resist sweet things, my taste buds have changed and put me off them. What a win! Now it's just the sleep deprivation that I need to crack...anyone out there invented a product that gives you more hours in the day? I'm available to trial it!!


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The opinions offered in this review are entirely my own. I received this product for free in return for an independent review, without payment.


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