#NotAlone: A Poem in honour of those battling the terrible disease that is cancer


Sometimes I write poetry. It kind of goes hand in hand with the part of me that likes writing riddles.


Anyway, I wrote this a couple of years ago, and in advance of MacMillan's coffee morning tomorrow, I decided to share it now in honour of all those battling the terrible disease that is cancer. I hope it can bring some peace and comfort even to a few people.

I know that life is hard right now, the path ahead seems steep,
Even treading water, the sea can feel too deep.
The tumult of emotions, the fear of the unknown,
The senselessness of what's been lost...
Now nowhere feels like home.

I know you want to close your eyes and sleep 'til this is done,
Your fragile mind's exhausted, but peace is so hard won.
Sadness is a constant, an unwanted new best friend,
But those of us who love you want your dalliance to end.

Whatever I can do for you, I'll do without a pause,
Knowing I can ease your pain is full enough reward.
You're loved beyond all meaning, for you touch so many hearts,
And we'll be here to bind you when life's stitching falls apart.

I wish that I could tell you that soon your pain will end,
But that is not within my gift, despite my will to mend.
Sometimes breathing through the pain is all that you can do,
And when your strength is all but lost our love will carry you.



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