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Finding new ideas for fundraising

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Raising money can be hard. Whether it's on our TV screens or closer to home, there always seems to be another call on our resources. The causes are many and deserving, but nonetheless, when you are a society or small charity competing with all this noise to raise funds for your own local cause, it can be tough to get heard.


What's more, finding novel ideas that really grab people's attention is difficult too. Much as we love them, we've all bought the Christmas mugs and cards designed by our children, attended the summer fairs, and lost at the quiz nights. These events will continue to be run and to hold appeal because of their emotional connection to our children, or the social offering of a night out...but for newly formed PTAs and societies, the question often raises its head...what can we do that's a bit different?


Be aware of the risks associated with fundraising

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 Many fundraising schemes and ideas can now be accessed on sites like and


These sites provide a wealth of advice and are definitely worth a look! But whenever you take on a scheme you need to be sure about your 'get out'...what happens if the event gets called off for unforeseen reasons, or if take up isn't as expected. Make sure you are protected and aren't expected to fulfil any minimum orders.


This fundraising reference guide from is a very useful read to ensure your fundraising and reputational risk is managed.

Simple fundraising ideas

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 For those of you who have managed a fundraiser before, you'll know only too well that they involve a HUGE amount of work to prepare and administer. Sadly there are no little elves or fairies behind the's the grown-up helpers who have to pluck a limitless supply of time and enthusiasm from the bottom of their Mary Poppins bag.



It is true that many of these big events can raise a significant amount of money...but if you want to try something without risk, and without the massive work, then you might like to consider promoting (as opposed to endorsing) a product which fits with your society's core message and values, and offering it to parents at a discount. As long as you aren't expected to buy upfront, have standard cancellation rights and are confident the product is appropriate for your members and meets any relevant safety standards, this can be a simple way to raise funds without risk, or significant input.


Fundraising opportunities with Gotrovo

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We offer just such a scheme at Gotrovo - work with us to offer a fun, educational, active game to children, that serves to improve reading, problem solving, teamwork and activity levels, offering great fun for all in the process.


All you have to do is circulate flyers to parents and collect their orders. You take the payments, order directly from us at a wholesale price, and we will supply the games to you. And for every game sold, you take a healthy margin. It really is as simple as that!


Gotrovo is fully safety tested and carries the CE mark - indeed our company is used as a case study by Trading Standards to exemplify how small businesses can properly address safety legislation: something we take very seriously.


 If you're interested, all you have to do is contact us to find out more about how the scheme works.



Maximising your fundraising efforts

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Experience has taught us that the best way to get maximum value out of your fundraising is to create a little bit of 'pester power'. Gotrovo is a game that children really love (read our testimonials...they want to play it again and again!).


So if you want maximum impact, why not organise a treasure hunt for the kids first, and allow them to make the sales for you! We've run sit down treasure hunts in assemblies, calling out riddles to teams of children; we've run after school hunts in playgrounds; we've used treasure hunts as activities in nurseries and pre-schools or with Rainbows and Beavers groups....the versatility of Gotrovo means the game can be adapted to suit all of these ages and locations.


And once the children have played, you can be sure they'll be firm advocates and work to increase your sales! So if you'd like to try this, you can contact us about buying an initial game at wholesale price, which you can then keep for future use in your school or club! If nothing else, you've got a great game at a great discount! We look forward to hearing from you.


So come on: Your treasure awaits, come seek, come find, follow the clues, don't get left behind!



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